Old Acquaintances…
Walking thru this old road
I met an old rugged friend,
We get along without old gestures
Yet I feel I am missing.

Old friend I am him.
Of course I know you pal
But now you are no human
What caused this.

This is because you are not humane
I am the sorcerer you killed.
The friend you turned from him
Into a life he will refuse.

Friend it was no fault of mine.
I also became a rat like you
Now we have no regrets
But for you to show me life now.
Life being a rat.

Oh Great Gandalf you live,
For I leave this life you just got,
Now my freedom is here,
For your down makes my sky.
That you placed when I died.

Oh friend live on like you,
I’ll have to face this as me,
Alone in the dark.

By Chidi John…