From This Gutter Came Me.

Street voucher leads the way,
The hollow voice occupy our ears,
Weedy smokes sanctify our bodies,
And the scent of marij kill our nose.

Now I remember growing here.
This narrow dungeon of piece,
And peace sold to the butcher.

I know the noise like my nails,
I have kept them for memories,
Torturing the silence I need,
For law has been buried for long.

This place or anarchy I grew from,
The law came but got frustrated,
I am already fed up,
still I stay here where I hate.

One thing makes me come here
With joy and leave in tranquillity,
That one thing is under the ground now, Yet I found myself here.
I am of a rugged stance,
That is why I want to sense ruggedized substances in my scripts
Else it all be a waste.
For this ghetto made me think.