Life may not offer you with what you actually bargained for, but whatever it gives you, make do of it and produce a surprising result. One may see you and not believe his/her eyes by the time they see you come out in flying colours one day.

A great man would say thus: if life gives you a hook, fish

                                                 if it offers you a hoe, farm

                                                 if it offers you a gun, hunt

Don’t just remain there and accept defeat…………….

what do you think friend?  Is it to sit there and continue to lament on that disappointment you just got or to stand up and look for a way to make the rights out of those many wrongs. It is definitely your decision to make. This is the time for you to sit down and think of a way to device a surprise on the face of those who have once said that you can’t make it. Brother/Sister i am challenging you to do something now when it isn’t too late before ity becomes very late. this is an advice and i pray you adhere to it……….. I am still Chidi John…..