When the names of the lost
Shall resound, I shall long be lost.
The road to hell be forgotten, then
My pains be seized for a moment.
When our distress,
In a land of distinct grace,
Shall whistle through the
Ears of the fathers of our children’s fathers,
Then, our change will return to hold.

For now,
We live in our excrement.

Chidi John



Shattered silence,
Unconscious dreams,
Miraculous beams,
All Screw my sense.

Waylaid by destruction,
I divert my attention,
Only to see that I’m traced
By people who won’t be faced.

My screams turn laughter,
Yet they stand and wonder,
My heart turned from fear,
To bravery which I hear.
Down into my heart I cry,
For my caution will only try.

Yes I became mad,
Only to see mine to be minimal,
Someone hurt beside me, a lad,
Has got from life his trial.

Chidi John.


From This Gutter Came Me.

Street voucher leads the way,
The hollow voice occupy our ears,
Weedy smokes sanctify our bodies,
And the scent of marij kill our nose.

Now I remember growing here.
This narrow dungeon of piece,
And peace sold to the butcher.

I know the noise like my nails,
I have kept them for memories,
Torturing the silence I need,
For law has been buried for long.

This place or anarchy I grew from,
The law came but got frustrated,
I am already fed up,
still I stay here where I hate.

One thing makes me come here
With joy and leave in tranquillity,
That one thing is under the ground now, Yet I found myself here.
I am of a rugged stance,
That is why I want to sense ruggedized substances in my scripts
Else it all be a waste.
For this ghetto made me think.


trying some dialogue

Old Acquaintances…
Walking thru this old road
I met an old rugged friend,
We get along without old gestures
Yet I feel I am missing.

Old friend I am him.
Of course I know you pal
But now you are no human
What caused this.

This is because you are not humane
I am the sorcerer you killed.
The friend you turned from him
Into a life he will refuse.

Friend it was no fault of mine.
I also became a rat like you
Now we have no regrets
But for you to show me life now.
Life being a rat.

Oh Great Gandalf you live,
For I leave this life you just got,
Now my freedom is here,
For your down makes my sky.
That you placed when I died.

Oh friend live on like you,
I’ll have to face this as me,
Alone in the dark.

By Chidi John…


Death in Life


When life goes beyond,
Nature may be embarassed;
Alacrity takes movement.

Life might not be useful now,
An impotance might be attached.
Lessons too late when adheard,
advice now clinched upon.

I learnt to live by dying,
Only when I dont want to die,
My die might not be favoured.

Now my hen has teeth.
Now death is a thing of the past.
Once beaten, twice shy.
I no longer fear this monster,
Of course I am now a close friend.

I see death no more, i am dead…

From the man you may not want to know

Life may not offer you with what you actually bargained for, but whatever it gives you, make do of it and produce a surprising result. One may see you and not believe his/her eyes by the time they see you come out in flying colours one day.

A great man would say thus: if life gives you a hook, fish

                                                 if it offers you a hoe, farm

                                                 if it offers you a gun, hunt

Don’t just remain there and accept defeat…………….

what do you think friend?  Is it to sit there and continue to lament on that disappointment you just got or to stand up and look for a way to make the rights out of those many wrongs. It is definitely your decision to make. This is the time for you to sit down and think of a way to device a surprise on the face of those who have once said that you can’t make it. Brother/Sister i am challenging you to do something now when it isn’t too late before ity becomes very late. this is an advice and i pray you adhere to it……….. I am still Chidi John…..